Why Elev8Her

Elev8Her was founded by Linneal Smith In 2016. This women’s organization was created to be a safe space to promote growth professionally and personally. Our mission is to build a network of women connected for the purpose of helping one another achieve their dreams.

Through carefully designed events, workshops, newsletters, mentorship programs, and blog content Elev8Her will provide today’s women with the space to grow and flourish.

Elev8Her will provide women with opportunities to grow in life professionally and personally.

Why building a network of women is important?

Networking isn’t easy for women…never has been and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any easier. However, as women we know that networking is essential for growth in our respective professional fields.

One of the main goals of Elev8Her is to help women build their networks in three main areas operational, strategic, and personal. Through our network we will help each other envision the future, work towards our goals, and provide each other with information and resources.

It is the hope of Elev8Her that you will grow in all aspects of life surround by women who support each other.

“It’s about women helping women,  doing things together, and supporting each other.”